Footscan® Technology

Considered the leader in foot scanning technology, this year we have invested in a state-of-the-art system, Footscan®.


The Footscan®

A reinforced pressure plate that is placed on the ground which you can stand, run, balance, squat, recreate your sport stance or jump on.

Using over 4000 sensors it collects and analyses important data on foot movements and mechanics. It also clearly demonstrates areas of excessive pressures and vulnerability. When the data has been collected from the foot, we can watch in real time together how your foot moves, this can help us understand and visualise the causes of your pain, injuries and to aid with injury prevention. With 90% of us experiencing a foot problem in their life, the footscan is beneficial to everyone, from sedentary people to active runners and athletes.

Cutting Edge Technology

Before this technology was available, traditional methods would see a Podiatrist assess an individual by standing and walking by eye. With footscan we can now collect more accurate details about the pressure and movement patterns of your foot not visible to the naked eye.

Data gained from the Footscan® is collated into interactive software where details on pressure and movement patterns are configured into snapshots and video footage and compared to ‘typical’ foot behaviours.

Until now we have not been able to deliver such precise and clinically useful information which directly impacts your treatment recovery.

Many of the UK’s elite runners such as Sir Mo Farah, Lynsey Sharp and Eilish McColgan use this cutting edge footscan® technology to provide accurate information about their running and footwear. Eilish emphasises the importance of this footscan® data, promoting the ethos “if you’re not testing, you’re just guessing!”

The benefits of assessment

  • Interactive software allows us to display and immediately discuss your results
  • Display areas of the foot with high pressure or stress, which overtime can result in pain and injury.
  • Useful for Diabetic assessments, revealing ‘at risk’ areas
  • Reveals any asymmetry achieved by tracking how force impacts both feet and how they move during walking/running.
  • Can assess various balance activities, standing on one leg, squatting, jumping and many more. Allowing us to create an entirely tailored assessment for you and your individual activities.
  • Able to objectively measure your improvements by scanning you during and after your recovery.
  • Orthotics, if suitable, can be created based directly on the data the pressure plate collects. A 3D-printer then transforms the digital design to create a custom pair of Phits Orthotics.

The right ‘Phit’ for you

Phit orthotics are created by your Podiatrist and the prescription incorperating by the data collected by footscan®.

Orthotics are not just a therapy for people in pain, they can help with foot fatigue and tiredness, improve sport performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Phits are specialist orthotic devices completely tailored to you and your needs. Helping recreational walkers, casual runners and elite athletes, or simply someone looking for a solution to their foot problem. Phits have something to offer everybody.

They are designed with your activities and footwear in mind to fit cycling, golf and running shoes, helping achieve optimal performance during activity. There are more orthotic options for more narrow footwear and even tailored safety insoles for workers boots.

Phits produce revolutionary ultralight orthotics that are up to half the weight of comparative devices. They are protected by a leading impact protection material that offers high durability, shock absorption and comfort.

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Jade Warren BSc Pod.Med McPod HCPC Reg